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Almost two Decodes before, The Founder of ORRANGE WEARS, Mr. M. Butt, started to serve International Market in the field of Leather Garments, Gloves and with the passage of time, diversified to Fabric garments as well, as the trend & demand of market changed.

Garments of Motorcycle, Sports, Touring or Classic require competency in Experiences and Technical aspects. The Protection, The Comfort and Design should be the Foreground. For the Motorcyclists, to the City users, Men, Women, Children according to the Movements and Type of Motorcycle, needs are different.

Our RD Department integrates different Technical Evaluations, so as to design our products according to the users requirements.

Our Developments are based to meet all Expectations of users in regards of Comfort and Security Concluding during Long & Short Journeys in town or in Long Curves, ORRANGE WEARS, provides you with the most adopted range to your daily life.

Quality Certification
ISO-9001 Certification, The quality assurance initiative at ORRANGE WEARS earned it the  ISO 9001 certification, Maintaining a high-level of quality is part of ORRANGE’s primary goals from day one. It is an ongoing process, which has become our recipe for success over the years

Our culture
We call it “The ORRANGE Way.” Our culture is built on a solid foundation: the four talents of our company, our mission and our values.

“ORRANGE creates a more viable society by developing natural resources and products in innovative and efficient ways.” This mission reflects our four institutional talents:

- An ability to develop source businesses

- A drive to optimize

- An instinct to commercialize

- A passion for social commerce

Our skills are not solely determined by the businesses we are in, but by the way we conduct ourselves. They describe what we are really good at. And understanding what we are good at, helps us continuously improve.

Do you think this sounds complicated? Well, really it’s not. It is all based on our set of values - Courage, Respect, Cooperation, Determination and Foresight.

If our mission is our job, then our values let us know how to perform in order to do that job successfully.


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